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Deluxe 6' Backed Plastic Bench

The Deluxe collection was designed to provide comfort for the user The seating is wide with a slight contour. The back provides support for all users. The two by four slats used on this bench provide a wide seat and full back support for your sitting pleasure. This bench excels in comfort, appearance and durability. Elegant, sleek design in recycled plastic Durable maintenance-free construction.

Deluxe 6' Backed Plastic Bench with Arms

The Deluxe bench has been selling strong since 1993. This is one of our most popular benches because of design and comfort. The seat and back are wider allowing for more comfort for the user. The 2 x 4 plastic lumber is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic making it durable and maintenance free. The arms provide comfort & discourage skate boarders from grinding the front edge off the seat.

Deluxe 6' Flat Plastic Bench

Our Deluxe 6' Flat Bench is manufactured with 100% recycled plastic. The top is assembled in our factory saving you time and money. A wider top provides more room for the user. The flat bench is ideal for a variety of settings from a sophisticated mall to a quiet garden. Tranquility can be found on this relaxing bench. Durability and style are the bonus. Our Deluxe collection provides wider seating and added comfort.

Deluxe 6' Picnic Plastic Table

Instead of a seat that is only 9 1/2" wide the Deluxe Picnic Table has a full 11 1/2" wide seat allowing for comfortable seating for the user.

Deluxe 6' Picnic Table with Plastic Bench Seating

This new version of the Polly Deluxe Picnic Table has bench seating and is ideal for a larger group of people.

Deluxe 8' Backed Plastic Bench

The 8' Deluxe bench provides additional seating on an outstanding design.The eight foot Deluxe park bench offers all the benefits expected in a Polly Product, premium recycled plastic, stainless steel hardware and attractive designs. The two by four planks provides for a graceful contour and a comfortable seat.

Deluxe 8' Backed Plastic Bench with arms

PlasticThe Deluxe series of benches now come in 8' with arms. Arms add comfort to a bench that is already a classic.

Deluxe 8' Flat Plastic Bench

Quantity discount! The Deluxe 8' Flat Bench has added length and a wider seat making it an ideal choice for sports and recreation. A backless bench that provides comfort to walkers on trails, skaters in parks, or a locker room anywhere. Maintenance free stainless steel fasteners and recycled plastic components provide years of service for all settings.

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